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Claude Littner is an American-born British business executive best known for his role on BBC’s The Apprentice.

Born Claude Manuel Littner in New York City to an American mother and an Austrian-Jewish, who fled the Nazis in the 1930s, the family moved to London when he was quite young, and Claude attended the famous French Lycee in London.

A graduate from the University of West London, started out in the accountancy profession, where he developed a reputation as a turnaround specialist.

But it was when he met Alan Sugar, that his life was to change as he agreed to chair a number of his companies, including becoming Chief Executive of Tottenham Hotspur PLC and Amstrad PLC – serving as Chairman and Chief Executive of Amstrad International.

Since the first series of the BBC’s The Apprentice, Claude has been an interviewer in the latter stages, as one of Lord Sugar’s trusted advisors. Known for his direct style of interviewing, Claude then went on to replace Nick Hewer in 2015.

A cancer-survivor, father, grandparent, and incredibly successful businessman and entrepreneur, he doesn’t do many of these interviews, so we are truly honoured that he is able to join us this evening. Ladies and Gentlemen, please join us in welcoming tonight’s very special guest, Claude Littner.

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